Kenneth (Kenny) Newland, is a typical and likeable, all around, hardworking, American guy.  Kenny spent most of his adult life working two jobs at once, managing retail at night while woodworking during the day.  He was also a conductor in Indiana driving train for almost 10 years before deciding to try his luck in Las Vegas as a carpenter.  Kenny is experienced in all things construction (i.e. Demolition, Concrete, Drywall, Custom Cabinet Making, Carpentry and Flooring).  Most recently, he helped build The Basement (A live escape room experience) almost single handedly, from the ground up.  Thanks to his hard work and precision cuts he is always able to bring the project in under budget and on time.  He is creative and always finding new and better ways to “put the puzzle pieces together.”  With the help of his adoring fiance’ Stephanie, he is now setting out on a new enterprising adventure to own his own company working construction in the greater Las Vegas area.  The two enjoy hiking, spending time with their children and building their dream life together.  Thanks for stopping by!  More photos are available on our Projects page.  References and Resume available upon request.